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The Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture‚Äôs Samuel E. Hayes, Jr. Livestock Evaluation Center (LEC) is a central livestock testing station sharing direction from the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture, the Pennsylvania State University and respective specie and breed associations within the state.  The focus of the LEC is to conduct standard, unbiased feeding and management tests, on either individuals or sire groups, within the four major species of meat animals (beef, swine, sheep, and meat goats) to measure genetic differences.  Animals on test are measured for heritable traits which include growth rate, feed efficiency, carcass composition, conformation, and breeding soundness.  The information gained from these tests can be used to identify and promote genetically superior sires and aide livestock producers in making valuable breeding decisions.  The use of genetics selected for economically important traits will benefit the producer and ultimately the consumer by providing a wholesome, consistently high quality product at an affordable price.